Pezinská Babe day 3.3.2019 O 7:00, temperature of 4.4 ° C, cloudy. Today it is operated by T-bar lift DOUBLE 9:00 do 16:00. Night skiing today is not. On a slope with ski lift DOUBLE is to 30 cm of artificial snow. The slope was treated last night. In the morning, the surface slope slightly stiff.

Even today paid-seasonal pricing. Since Monday 4.3.2019 the operation of lifts suspended until further notice. If conditions still allow the lifts will be in operation until the weekend.

The resort Zochova cottage is running strip SunKid 30, EPV 300 and a rope tow from LPVE3-120 9:00 do 16:00.

Cross-country trails are impassable. Actual information, recommendations, photos and videos from enthusiasts visit the Facebook group "Cross-country Baba".

WARNING FOR VISITORS! Open ski trails are designed for skiers. Move around the slopes on foot or on sleighs are prohibited for safety reasons.

View of the slope near the lift DOUBLE 3.3.2019 O 7:00.