Bežkársky circuit 3 km

Pezinská Baba is machine-maintained cross-country circuits. The longest of them is 5 km circuit but the most used is 3 km radius. This circuit is less demanding in terms of snow conditions and is equally well less physically demanding. As well as 5 km, and 3 km track is groomed for classic style as well as for freestyle with a width of 4 meters and a total elevation of 80 meters.


Immediately after the start of the rod followed by a climb to the top station of the ski lifts in length of 411 meters where the onset of 29 vertical meters. Followed by a shorter downhill followed by a relatively sharp bend to the left and steepest climb on the highest point of the hill Korenný. There have been about 1km behind and to very gently undulating terrain to lift the ratim. After a sharp turn to the right at the lift followed by a slight fall in hustníkového forest and gradual twisting dopava result on the road linking the blue tourist sign with red. Currently away felled wood and a nice view of Pezinok. Followed by descent and almost touch with the upstream portion of the route. That we about 2. Kilometres.

Followed by further lowering in which the straight ending bend to the right and then followed by rapid zjazdík the lowest point of the circuit. Here as also connects 5 km radius. Odtiaľko followed by a climb up almost to the goal of which is interrupted briefly and then lowering of the same size nastúpaním and already we find ourselves in the area of ​​start and finish.

recording circuit

Štatitické data circuit

  • total distance : 2.97km
  • total distance closed circuit: 2.85km
  • totally vystúpaných meters: 80m
  • 4 m width treated circuit
  • The highest point of the route: 599m - Korenný top
  • lowest point routes:528m
  • altitude start and finish: 567m
  • the longest continuous climb: 460vystúpané m 31 m Average gradient 6.7%
  • the most difficult climb: 13.5% the section of the boards Korenný
  • A number of ascents type: 3 (long the rod)
  • Number of ascents B: 1 (short)
  • the number of gradients of C: 1 (the steep 9%)

Also here begins long distance trail Baba - Bratislava, which is not machine-groomed.


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