Ski preparation

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racing activities


Training run in cycles - 3 times a week and are content aimed at different periods of sports training - pre-competitive, competition, medzisúťažné.

pre-competitive period

( september – december)

- training period aimed at building a base of fitness and coordination, mainly used in the racing season.

It is characterized by increased volume and intensity of prihľadaním the sensitive period various ages. Training takes place in a playful environment variable.

Children participate in two trips to Kaprun glacier and the December pre-competition camps in selected ski area.

The seasonal 2007/08 it is a town Brezovica Orava. Concentration is carried out together with partner TJ Oravan Brezovica.

To compare the effectiveness of the training process was held in November, output tests on drought.


The tender period
( December -marec)

- the main ski season performance. Trainings take place mostly in the snow, according to weather conditions. 2 – 3 times a week - Pezinská Baba, 1 x gym, weekends 10 Slovak Cup rounds according to the current schedule of Danny seasonal.

Trenning are aimed at mastering the basic techniques of skiing with beginners and improvement of cutting the arc in the disciplines of giant slalom and slalom in advanced skiers. Furthermore, the psychological preparation of the playing field - training built in the tender conditions, management prelaunch conditions and stress situations.


Medzisúťažné period

- training aimed at fine-tuning their skiing technique and development coordination of preparation.

Termination seasonal exit to Kaprun glacier and evaluation of the winter season. Preparing for drought begins to input general performance tests. This period is aimed at developing a special fitness and coordination of preparation( fine motor skills) modern means such as exercise load the ball BOSU, cableway, climbing on artificial walls, bouldering, biking and hiking.