Prices Zochova Chata

Prices for season 2019/2020

Prices are calculated in € including VAT

Season tickets with lower fares can be purchased only in advance to 20.12.2019

When you purchase in advance is reduced under the date of purchase and payment.

1. These General Terms and Conditions for sezónzu 2019/2020 issued Ski Club Baba – Pezinok, Holubyho 18, 902 01 Pezinok, ICO: 340006397, (hereinafter “LK Baba”, or just “operator”), regulating services – transportation of ski lifts operation LK Baba and regulate the rights and obligations related thereto. The customer has the option to purchase different types of tickets at prices specified in the Price List.

2. Tickets are issued in the form of a contactless smart card with an identification data of the holder of the ticket or not including them, depending on the type of ticket. Deposit for chip card is 2,00 €. Chip card deposit will be returned only if return intact and fully functional cards.

3. Deducted points for the tow - poma F10, EPV 300, SunKId 30 – 10 points.
Seasonal spot tickets are also valid in the resort Pezinská Baba.
Night skiing is just to order a special price according to agreement.

4. Hourly tender leaves of the season (8, 16, 32 Hours / SEZ) valid any day of the season for both day and night skiing. Deducted each started the whole hour when passing through the turnstiles.
Children's tickets are valid for children up to 12 years, including (born after 1.1.2008), check insurance card.
Junior tickets are valid for youth from 13 do 18 years (years 2002-2008), check insurance card.
Junior tariffs true for seniors from 60 years (birth to 1959) and disabled people, check identity card / ZŤP.
Time ticket is not transferable to another person.
Family tickets are valid for two parents and children to 12 years, including.
When family ticket is required to submit documents (insurance card) all family members.
From 8.1.2020 on weekdays, outside the holiday discount to 10% the daily time tickets.
discount 20 % the whole day and 4 hour ticket on the name for ISIC, ITIC, GO<26 a EURO<26 valid for nezľavnenom price list.
Individual discount for organized ski courses over 10 people.
Seasonal non-transferable ticket name is no guarantee snow of the season. It pays for day and night skiing.
When tickets issued in the name of the visitor is required to show a valid government-issued photo.
Operator reserves the right to change and cancellation of tariff price list.

5. LK Baba is entitled to unilaterally change the operating time of ski lifts, not run, suspend or terminate the operation of the various ski lifts in the event of technical problems, high wind speeds, power failure or other factors do not allow safe transport customers.

6. By purchasing a ticket and transportation services using ski lifts operation LK Baba, the customer undertakes to follow the instructions of authorized employees of the, service lifts, Instructions for skiers and visitors to the ski resort Pezinská Baba Zochova cottage, Visiting rules Pezinská Baba Zochova cottage – sand, These Terms and Conditions and generally binding regulations concerning the movement and behavior of people in mountain resorts.

7. LK Baba is authorized ticket discarded (disable) and prevent that customer use of services in ski resorts operated LK Baba in case of detection, that person uses the card, which is not entitled to use it, and tickets issued in the name of the person, which is not listed as a ticket holder on a contactless smart card (t.j. If the name on the ticket does not match the identification data of the person being checked on her identity card). Non-transferable tickets are valid with proof of identity, when children do 15 years with a policyholder. In the event of impairment ticket for breach of these General Terms and Conditions customer has any financial or non-financial compensation for the impossibility of using the transport services provided by LK Baba in different centers, are entitled to a refund of the price paid customers or aliquot.

8. Operator reserves the right to withhold shipment to the customer, or discarded (disable )ticket in case, the customer's conduct endangers or harms property or legitimate interests of the controller or the life, health or property of other customers or visitors center, or the environment, or fails to comply with the recommendations, commands, or prohibitions tow operator, employees of, or other authorized persons.

These terms and conditions shall come into force and effect on 1.8.2019.