Pezinská Babe day 14.1.2019 O 7:00, teplota 1,6°C, cloudy, snow from rain. Amount of natural snow is about 40 cm. Today is running DOUBLE T-bar lift and, if necessary, POMA H-60 ​​from 9:00 do 16:00 and night skiing on the slopes at the ski lift DOUBLE 17:00 do 21:00. On a slope with ski lift DOUBLE is to 40 cm technical and natural snow, on the other slopes is only natural snow in 20 cm. DOUBLE slope near the lift was last night modified.

spot VL 1000 will run through the weekend if conditions permit.

The resort Zochova cottage is running strip SunKid 30, EPV 300, LPVE3-120 rope tow and F10 from POMA 9:00 do 16:00.

Cross-country trails are continuously modified scooter for skating and classic technique. Complete all circuits (2km,3km,4km,5km).

WARNING FOR VISITORS! Open ski trails are designed for skiers. Move around the slopes on foot or on sleighs are prohibited for safety reasons.

View of the slope near the lift DOUBLE 13.1.2019 po 12:50.