In operation Pezinská Baba also Zochova cottage.

In operation Pezinská Baba also Zochova cottage.

Current weather in Pezinská Babe 25.1.2020 O 7:00, Temperature -3.7 ° C, cloudy, fog. Today will operate DOUBLE T-bar lift and, if necessary, POMA lift H-60 ​​from 9:00 do 16:00 and night skiing from 17:00 do 21:00. On the hillside for them to lift DOUBLE 35 cm technical and natural snow. The slope was treated last night. At night, however, we technically zasnežovali. If conditions worsen significantly DOUBLE lift will be open daily from 9:00 do 16:00 and from 17:00 do 21:00.

The resort Zochová cottage is now running conveyor belt belt SunKid30, LPVE3-120 rope tow and the EPV300 9:00 do 16:00. In the vicinity of the belt, rope tow and EPV300 the technical and natural snow in 35 cm.

CAUTION! Sledding is only possible on the slopes, not open for skiing. Move on foot or by sledge after ski slope is prohibited for safety reasons.

Please nelyžujúcu public to respect the rules and prohibitions also with regard to our paying customers. Thank you for understanding.

Information for cross-country skiing: is adjusted 4 km track for skating and classic technique.

The upper parking lot at Pezinská Baba is reserved for paying customers downhill skiing. We believe in common sense skiers, tourists and prechádzkarov. At the same time we hope, understand that our prayer and park your car at the lower parking lot at the Inn on the Hill Baba least on weekends, holidays and night skiing. Thank you for understanding.

View of the slope with ski lift DOUBLE Pezinská Baba 24.1.2020 O 20:30.